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Clarifying Scalp and Hair Shampoo


Did you know that over time our scalp and hair can build up sebum, sweat and residue from products? Our Clarifying Scalp and Hair Shampoo is a perfect solution for all of these problems. It also works great for when your hair is coming out of protective styles such as braids, weaves etc. which usual leaves a lot of build up on the scalp and hair.  This is a shampoo that has clarifying ingredients such as African Black soap, apple cider vinegar and lactic acid which breaks down dead skin cells and dissolves product build up. If you have scalp issues like itchy scalp, eczema, psoriasis, or dry scalp our shampoo also has Marshmallow Root which helps aid with these problems.
-8 oz. bottle with nozzle top with cap for easy application directly to the scalp and hair.

Instructions: Wet hair,  apply clarifying shampoo directly to scalp and hair. Massage in thoroughly. Rinse and condition hair after use.

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